Selling and Donating

Have books to sell?

If you have books you wish to sell, we are always interested in taking a look. We can be quite selective, depending on what stock we are looking for at any given time. Please don’t take offence to this! The best way is to contact us and organise a time to come into the shop or alternatively, text/email us some photographs of the books (spines only in stacks). In this way, we can give you an indication of our interest and save you packing and bring in books unnecessarily.

If you have a large quantity or a house lot/deceased estate, we will be very happy to organise a visit to assess the collection.

Each transaction is individually assessed and cash payment based on selection of shelf life of stock and whether additional cost of disposal needs to be factored.

Donating books

We are also very happy to receive donations. However we are still selective and can only take books if there’s a reasonable quantity present that we can on sell.

We offer ‘book vouchers’ in return for donations.

We always look to distribute anything we can’t sell to local charities.